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Tec4 Additives

What Tec4 can do for you and you're Car
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Tec4 are a company that make additives for cars, from engine oil flush to fuel treatments and power steering treatment to cooling system additives, so whatever the problem with you're car I'm sure theirs a product for you?

Different Additives

Two Tec4 Additives that go into a Service are the Oil System cleaner, and the Petrol or Diesel system cleaner. The Engine flush cleans everywhere the oil go's also cleaning piston oil rings removing sludge build up, acid and other abrasive chemicals that can form between oil changes, With having a Tec4 flush with an oil change you can get to the next service knowing the minimum about of acid/abrasive chemicals are presant.

Tec4 Petrol and Diesel treatment go's in the fuel tank and cleans the complete fuel system pre and post combustion.

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